Choosing the right furniture for the location

Every location has unique characteristics from the environment to the climate that present challenges when selecting outdoor furniture. Everything from sea breeze to strong sunshine can affect your what you should buy. Here are some tips from Wicker Paradise when selecting outdoor furniture:


A balcony is a perfect place for some outdoor furniture. However, when you are high up, strong winds present a problem for durability. Choosing heavier set furniture is a solution, but presents its challenges of how you can bring it up and difficulty of moving them around. Even if you could get the items sent straight to the doorstep, moving stuff in and out of a balcony can be problematic.


Seaside living can be amazing, with the sun, salty air, and sea breeze. When you buy outdoor wicker furniture, you will need to ensure that any steel frames should have a powder coating or equivalent to reduce the chances of rust. Synthetic wicker is ideal for seaside living and is a durable material for the conditions.

Cold conditions

When you live in a colder climate, moisture and water damage are the greatest concerns. The best way to maintain the lifetime of the product in these conditions is to convert and move the furniture during times of extreme or bad weather.

The above are some basic tips on getting the right furniture for the conditions. However, since a lot of us encounter mixed conditions, think about how the items need to survive each and how you can mitigate some of those issues.