What Are the Different Types of Construction Delays?

Summary: There are various types of delays that can occur on a construction site – from minor errors to serious setbacks that can cost a company millions of dollars.

When problems occur on a construction site, chaos becomes a ladder. A series of delays might occur due to either internal or external factors, thus leading to an extended period of time that a project takes. Whatever the cause is, a delay on a project can significantly affect the financial backing and negatively impact the team working onsite.

Understanding these types of delays can help prepare you for emergency situations. Moreover, it can provide you with a strategic set of plans that allow you to handle the issue appropriately.

Concurrent Delays

Concurrent delays occur when there are multiple delays going on at the same time. Not only can this cause a significant set of problems, but it’ll indefinitely push the project schedule back. Furthermore, these delays will likely not result in monetary compensation, but instead added time to get the project back on track.

Excusable/Inexcusable Delays

There are two types of common delays that can be easily categorized depending on the outcome. Excusable delays involve events that are out of the construction team’s control like the weather for example. Plaintiffs may pursue either monetary compensation or additional time for the project.

Inexcusable delays on the hand, are delays that can and should have been avoided. For example, if a schedule error were to occur or a worker was injured due to negligence, the contractor will be held responsibly. Having employees that are not equipped to handle certain aspects of the project typically ends up causing issues.

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