One Thing Every Landlord Must Do

3By Tenant Screening Services, LLC

If you’re a landlord—or hoping to become one sometime soon—it’s important that you think about all the steps you need to take before you let a new renter enjoy your property. Obviously, being a landlord can be a very demanding job. But you never want to make things unnecessarily complicated for yourself either.

That’s why, of all the things you do when taking on a new renter, tenant background checks are going to be the most important. Without doing a proper check on a potential tenant, you are simply making work for yourself and maybe even doing something worse.

The reason a landlord credit check is so important is actually manifold. The first is that you most likely don’t want to let a dangerous former criminal onto your property. They could end up damaging it severely. They may also hurt one of your other tenants which would carry repercussions for you.

Then there’s the fact that a proper check will tell you whether or not the tenant will be likely to pay their rent consistently. If you rent to someone who won’t even pay you, you can imagine how this will go. It’s not that easy to simply kick them out either.


If you’re a landlord, then you already know that a lot goes into finding the perfect tenants. Amongst other things, you have to conduct a proper background checks online to ensure your property and any other tenants are safe.